Steel industry

Stainless steel cleaning+

Actol SN12
Etching paste for stainless steel

ACTOL SN12 is used to etching stains on articles made ​​of stainless steel. ACTOL SN12 is a mixture of acidic products, surfactants, thickeners and additives.

colour: light yellow | pH: <1 | water miscible

Actol SN2
Cleaning and protective agent for stainless steel

ACTOL SN2 is used for cleaning of stainless steel. ACTOL SN2 is a mixture of selected non-ionic surfactants, refined hydrocarbon solvents and additives.


Cleaning and protective agents+

Atepo AC2
Anticorrosion protection

Atepo AC2 is a professional anticorrosion product for long-term preservation of metal molds and tools in storage. Effect of Atepo AC2 involves the formation of…

colour: blue | spray

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