Flexo chamber seals

Chamber seals are used in flexography. Thanks to its elastic properties seals fit perfectly to the surface of the anilox roller. Flexo chamber seals…

colour: black, white and other | hardness: 20°Sh A, 40°Sh A

Silicone oil for laboratory oil baths

Silicone oil designed for laboratory baths for wide temperature use.

colour: colourless | odour: odourless | density 20°C: 0,97g/cm3 | working temperature: -50°C ÷ 150°C(250°C) | flash point: >300°C

Silicone oil for laboratory oil cryostatic baths

colour: bezbarwna ciecz | density 20°C: 0,89 ÷ 0,93 g/cm3 | working temperature: -55°C ÷ +100°C | flash point: > 120°C

Polymer foam for embroidery
Polymer foam for obtaining 3D embroidery

Specialized polymer foams used to bulge any embroidery - 3D embroidery. Thickness: 2mm with a hardness 40°Sh A; 3mm with a hardness of 20°Sh A. …

colour: black or white, other colors on order | thickness: 2mm, 3mm | hardness: 20°Sh A, 40°Sh A

Fluid LB
Envelope sealing fluid in automatic franking

Fluid LB is used in the machines for automatic sealing of envelopes. Use of Fluid LB causing the adhesive layer of the envelope…

colour: light blue

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